Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little Movie Review!

*slowly looks around him. Makes sure all the lights are on, makes sure cartoons are playing on the television, makes sure he is surrounded by happy, distracting things*
This is going to be my routine that I partake in each time I enter my dorm room now that I've seen Paranormal Activity 2.
Okay, so maybe not THAT intense, but pretty close to that! :O It was quite the thriller, let me tell you. But it had it's letdowns too! However,I'll start with the good.
First off, I went to see it with my awesome suitemates that over the course of almost 2 months, I've grown close to and have come to love; their names are Evan Dixon and Clint Springer. Evan brought his girlfriend, so that was fun, having the token date to a scary movie. Perfect, haha. :)
The theater wasn't packed to brim too, which is always nice, then  you don't have to do that unsaid awkward compromising of elbow room on the seats because it's too crowded. There was a lot of people, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't sold out which I HATE going to, sold out shows. So that was nice.
In number 2, there were more characters in the story, so that gave everyone someone to become attached to or associate with. It allowed for more dynamics to the story to, like a dog and a baby we a part of the plot now, and it doesn't get much cuter than a baby boy and a curious german shepard. Don't tell me you won't become heartbroken when a dog get's overtaken by a demon force. You wouldn't be human, sorry to break it to you. Haha, but seriously. The character expansion was really nice to draw the audience in more.
If you enjoy suspension and then sudden surprise attacks from a film, than you'll love this film. I enjoy those thoroughly, so I enjoyed the movie thoroughly in that aspect! They did really well with those, and rightfully so. It shouldn't be hard to execute a good scare with something that pops out.
The place they lacked though, was the creepiness they captured perfectly in the 1st one. With the support they received from Hollywood, from the success of the 1st one, came much more special effects. So they used those way more than they did with creative story-writing, which was a bit of a let down. Although I said I enjoyed 'jumping-out' parts, I enjoy the thrilling side of movies moreso. The parts that just make you freak the F*** out. Not jump out of your seat, but just creep you out to no end. They slacked off in that aspect, so I was disappointed. But, nevertheless, it was an entertaining movie and that's why I go to the movies, to be entertained and taken somewhere. Paranormal Activity definitely took me somewhere, somewhere where I don't want to ever go in real life, haha. ;)
Hope you've enjoyed this. :) Sleep well; I should probably be doing that right now.

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