Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sometimes these college days can be extremely routinely. They can become monotonous and boring. Sure, there's different foods to eat in the dining halls and whatnot, the class lectures might be interesting and I might sit with different people here and there to mix up the socializing and to meet new people. But for the most part, each day is scheduled down to the minute and it gets a little lame at times. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I get up half-unwillingly, half-willingly to go to my Harmony 1 class at 8 AM. But it's a music class, so it's not too bad, that's what makes it half-willingly because I enjoy music.....if I didn't, why would I be majoring in it. There's then a 15 minute break in between that class and Musicianship 1, during which I usually will lay out in the morning sun or sit in the shade at a grated lunch table and put my head down. Ahhhh and the day is just beginning. With the commencement of musicianship comes singing pitches back and counting out rhythms correctly. It's pretty much an ear training class, and I enjoy it a good amount. After that, I make my way back to my dorm room to exchange books and folders in a forty minute break in between Musicianship and Philosophy, as well as to grab my portable lifeline........AKA macbook pro. ;) I take off with my roommate Ross to Philosophy to hear a wild lesson on philosophy given to us by the one and only Dr.Klein. Like I said, the classes are usually pretty cool, but it's the spaces in between which is what sometimes is tiring and filled with sameness. The rest of the day usually follows that same class-awkward time in between where you can't really get much done-class-more awkward timing.
Or maybe I'm just being really whiny. :/

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  1. I understand what you mean about college being a lot of the same everyday. I think this is just how America has been set though. Ever since the 1900's, time has defined what we do. In college, this means doing the same thing at the same time as before. I do enjoy the free time I have off because I can stray from my usual routine and actually choose what to do. Our schedules are usually pretty much the same every week and it becomes quite monotonous. This is just something we have to deal with everyday and make the most of it.