Sunday, November 28, 2010

How about another Thanksgiving post? ;)

Maybe there wasn't as many as I expected, but just in case, I decided to make the title the way it is now. I'm sure everyone had a lovely thanksgiving, and I can say the same about mine. There's just SOMETHING special about getting together with the family (and friends if you did) and gathering around the table to partake in a wonderful meal and laugh, drink, and talk to your loved ones. This Thanksgiving was esPECIALLY good because of the separation from the family that college causes us all to go through; that being said, it was so nice to get back to them and hug them and tell them all about my college experience.
I'm sure many of you, as college freshman, can understand where I'm coming from. :)
We spent it in Tahoe together, where it snowed a SOLID 5 feet, what a treat that was to see. I hadn't seen snow in over a year and I was filled with anticipation to go out and jump around in it. And don't tell me I'm too old for that, because I will NEVER be too old for that. Neither will you for that matter. Snow is one of life's beautiful, simple pleasures that humans of all ages can enjoy. It was especially light due to the cold, dry weather they've been having up there, so playing in it with my younger brother and his girlfriend was truly a fun time.
On Thursday night, we feasted, just as I bet 90% of the American population did. Now the degree to WHICH we feasted may differ from other families, due to our amazing cook, Nanna Chris. BUT, nevertheless, we feasted.
There was stuffed onions, classic stuffing, a sweeter stuffing, smoked turkey, baked turkey, cranberry sauce, hot rolls, garlic brussell sprouts, mashed potatoes (and gravy), and last but never least......Martinellis Sparkling Cider. YES. If only that bottle was bigger, haha. I hope you all know what I'm talking about; that bottle is just too darn small to ever get the FULL sparkling cider satisfaction I'm looking for. Oh well, we always just buy a ton of it so thank goodness for that.
Being with the family for that little of time just gives me so much more of an appreciation for them. I've missed them like crazy while I've been here in LB, and when I went back, it just didn't seem like enough time to really be with them.
Well, I'm looking forward to Winter break when I can be with them for 5, almost 6 weeks. That'll be a cherished time.
Until then. Farewell and of blogger!
Hope your thanksgiving was full and happy like mine. :)

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  1. Haha, you ate a lot of things. But, I find it weird how you didnt eat pie haha.