Monday, November 8, 2010

Tonight has been such an intense night.
Let me escort you through the madness...First, we proposed the idea to go and skate in the parking garage, because that is one of THEE most fun things I've ever participated in here at Long Beach/Wherever I've been.
Everyone agreed and we all prepared to commence in the activity: we dressed up in jeans and t-shirt, because for the most part, our suite likes to just walk around in our underwear and nothing else; yeah, we're that comfortable with each other. :O After we did that, we circled around each other, and put our fists in and put our power rings on, and conjoined in a force that was stronger than the forests of the world. Wait. No, that didn't happen. but I wish it did. :D
On a more serious note, we grabbed our boards and headed out to the parking lot to skate over to the parking structure to meet our some fun!
The convenience of the elevator is a wonderful thing now, ladies and gentleman, especially in this case where it enable ultimate satisfaction levels. All we have to do is take the elevator up to the sixth floor, take a deep breath, and then.....take off. :)
It's such a thrill, the wheels spinning faster and faster, the board becoming easier to manipulate and smoother with it's turning. However, with speed there comes a IMMENSE risk with turning around the corners.BUT THAT"S WHERE THE FUN COMES IN.

So that was my evening. Yeah. You jealous. Okay. I'm out. Night time.

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