Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vocal Jazz Here @ The Beach

"This is just a little blog post, based upon one little night! Here at Long Beach State yeah, a jazz show done perfectly right".....oh....hello. Didn't see you there. I was just singing my thoughts out loud to the tune of "One Note Samba." :D  I went to the show at 7:55 PM, and eagerly awaited the beginning of the Vocal Jazz Show. The band came out, and there was a feeling of anticipation in the air that captured the audience. Then, Jazz & Tonic, the beginning jazz group came onto stage. However, they do NOT sing like beginners. Man, it was something else. Singing a total of 5 Jazz Charts, there were a variety of styles such as Samba, with One Note Samba; atmospherically amazing jams such as "But Beautiful" which was my favorite of the tunes...I was constantly being overcome with chills. Then, the african beat influenced Baby, which Brett Kramer played a mean cajon drum (box drum), and then a beautifully arranged 5/4 metered song, Crooked Creek, by our very own Sherrine Mostin. Speaking of her, she did a fantastic job leading Jazz and Tonic and rocked the first half of the show.
PST took the stage for the second half and they were the be all and end all of Jazz singing.
I loved it, and I encourage ALL of you to check out vocal jazz here at CSULB.

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  1. This blog makes me regret passing up the opportunity of being apart of vocal jazz at the beach. Of course, I also wish I was not taking eighteen units. While we are wishing, I wish I was a magician. But anyway, I totally agree with you. We have an outstanding program here at The Beach and anybody who is lucky enough to hear it is in for a real treat. I conclude this post with this simple statement: you and I are going to join them next year and rise to the top. Sound good? Good. Have a good night.