Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Tired

I'm tired. The sounds around me, people yelling outside, the fan going, music playing on my roommates computer, the steps that sound from the room above mine, all these sounds don't register. They don't make their way into my head, but stay out floating around my head, being blocked by some obstructing force inside my head that comes from exhaustion. All I can think about? Dormir. En espaƱol, to sleep.
Sleep calls out to me, and taunts me, but not until I finish the blog post will I give in to her calls.
No I won't.
Gotta take care of responsibility.
Whoa. I just realized that after I typed 'gotta', the computer didn't underline it with a red squiggly, meaning it must be a word. Strange. I love that word, so I don't really have a problem, but some grammar nazis might have a fit.
Ummm, wait, where was I.
Oh yeah....sleep.
I want to partake in it.
Like a little boy who wants to leave the dinner table, but must finish his broccoli and brussell sprouts--I must finish this post before I can hit the pillow that looks OHH so comfortable right now.
Refusal skills, like the ones we learned in our elementary years to say no to drugs.
I think I might be good actually. 200 words? Have I met the status quo?
Yep, there's 227 there. I've reached the goal......barely. But that's all I need, well, moreso, all I want to do.


  1. To be honest, I read the first two sentences, and the same thought kept coming to mind: I told you so! I always tell you that instead of playing around on face book and such, you should go to bed. After all, it is usually 3 in the morning and you wake me up! But it is ok, because karma sucks doesn't it? Maybe you should start listening to the wise Mr. Nug Nug's advice more often and take them into account!

  2. Also, I did enjoy reading this, as it does seem like you have taken the path to the narrative style writing. Keep it up my friend.

  3. I agree with you, Ross. As bizarre as this post was, it was strangely compelling to read, kind of like a stream-of-consciousness narrative. We, the readers, get to watch somebody struggle to stay awake just long enough to make an entry in his diary.

  4. Sleep is such a blessed experience and something that a lot of people do not get too much of these days. There are always things to do, tasks to accomplish, and people to meet. Life is like a never ending game sometimes, with only a few short breaks. I can relate to you on sleep and the exhaustion felt on a constant basis. It is a stuggle to stay awake to finish what you have to do and it is easy to give up and not do it. However, you persevered my friend and did what you had to do, despite every temptation to lay your head and enter a world of dreams. I respect that. Sometimes I do not care and deal with the consequences later, but this was definitely an interesting blog as well as very unique.